We’re not New Zealand’s largest lender but we sure put a lot of effort into being New Zealand’s friendliest personal loan broker.

We’ve focused on a number of personal loan niches like Rental Bond and Car Finance because we see a gap in the market for good honest lending at affordable rates. We’re working hard to find competitive loan rates for you because it means more business for us and happier customers like you.

With so many options to choose from, our consultants will work to understand your needs so we can find the right loan package for you.

Why Choose BondHub for Your Unsecured Loan?

Flexible rent bond loans

We’ll customise your personal loan to suit your circumstances. You choose the amount and repayments to fit what you need. We’ll see what we can do to arrange a loan that you can comfortably afford.

Easy loan application

Applying online is super easy with BondHub. No painful meetings; just a stress free online application. Join online and you can save a loan application and complete it later. Reuse a recent application and upload supporting documents online.

Fast payment times

Once your loan is approved we’ll get the money to your bank account. Fast application, fast answers and fast money to your bank!

Kick-Ass Service

No one likes applying for a loan but we’ll make the process as quick and as painless as possible. By combining personal service with access to low rates from respected lenders we’ll hopefully have a loan sorted for you quick, smart.

Quote. Approval. Settlement. Done.
Get moving quicker with BondHub.

You deserve the lowest loan interest rates

At BondHub one of our key pillars is to provide the lowest interest rate possible to our customers like you. It’s a win/win situation – you get to borrow money at a highly competitive interest rate and pay as little as possible for your loan – we attract more business from happy customers.
Quick & Easy Approval

We can process your application and transfer funds in less than 48hrs.

Flexible loans to suit you

At BondHub we’ll work with you to agree repayment amounts that you can afford.

Negotiate like a Cash Buyer

A pre-approved BondHub loans means you can negotiate like a cash buyer.

 BondHub receives a booking fee from the lender for organising your loan.