There’s a lot to think about when moving house. It is an exciting time that can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are not organized. The good news is, you can make the entire experience stress-free and more pleasant with a bit of simple planning. It is a good etiquette to leave the house in good shape for the next family. Sometimes, leaving the place the way you found it is a part of your rental agreement and when moving house you can transfer your old bond, or let BondHub assist with a best-fit personal loan for your bond loan. Following is a moving house checklist to help you tick off all the essentials before the big moving day:

Assess how much money you will need to be ready to move

Moving house can be expensive. You will need to keep paying rent on your old place and come up with a bond for your new rental property as well as rent in advance, moving costs and so on. It could be a good time to look at your budget and calculate how much you need to set aside each week to prepare for your moving costs. You will most likely need to come up with one month’s rent for bond plus 1 or 2 weeks’ rent in advance. You may need to hire a moving van or break contracts on your utilities. Now is a great time to get a handle on what moving costs you face and where appropriate, reach out to us so we can find the best-fit personal loan for your rental bond loan.

Confirm Your Moving Date

Get your moving date, place, and time you can pick up the keys to your new house confirmed as quickly as possible. You may need to talk to your lawyer to have the provisional move in date confirmed and agreed with the seller’s attorney. Sometimes, this can be tricky as it hinges on various things e.g. mortgage delays, surveys, etc. and any hold ups from the seller’s end can have unpleasant consequences.

Pay Your Old Bills

Check if you have any unpaid utility bills on your old house. If there are any, pay them. It is never a good experience receiving an unpaid bill months later with a fine on top. Also, make sure to disconnect all your old utilities so you don’t have to worry about them after you have moved. Some tenants want to use their bond to pay the last couple of weeks of rent instead of a bond refund or bond transfer. Make sure you speak to your landlord well in advance of doing this to make sure they agree. You want to be on good terms when you leave because you never know when you might want to call on them as a reference for a new rental property, and not every landlord is open to using your bond for the last couple of weeks’ rent.

Call Your Utility Companies

Before your move date, call your utility companies (i.e. power, telephone, etc.) to get all your utilities connected at your new house. It is recommended that you book in new installations well ahead of time as they can take up to two weeks or even a month at busy times.

Check Your Contents Insurance

Check your existing and new policies to see if you will be covered during the move. It is also recommended to get insurance quotes for your new home.

Book Your Removal Company

Book as early as possible. Try to book a removal company that also provides and packs boxes to minimize your time investment as much as possible. It might pay to call a couple of companies to get quotes for this because the cost of moving house can vary from carrier to carrier. Be sure to check their customer reviews too. Your BondHub bond loan can also assist with the cost of moving if required.

Hire a Cleaner

It’s a good idea to hire someone to properly clean your place, especially if you are moving out of a rental as it can get your bond back. You can also organize a cleaner for the professional cleaning of your new home. In this way, you will have one less thing to worry about when you move in. If you decide to do the cleaning yourself to keep your moving costs down, it is often easier to give the place a good clean after you have moved everything out and then get in and clean room by room.

Update Your Address

Before your move house, it would be a good idea to let everyone know where you will be. Talk to your post office to redirect your mail, update your car registration and driver’s license, and notify the electoral office with your new address. Furthermore, give your family and friends your new contact details, just so they know where to find you.

A comprehensive moving house checklist is crucial for a hassle-free move. With the above-mentioned list, moving house will surely become easier and more manageable.

Cost of Moving house

If the cost of moving house, rental bond, rent in advance, cleaning costs etc is more than you can manage at the moment, do get in touch with BondHub. We were set up for the sole purpose of helping you find the most affordable personal loan for your bond loans as quickly as possible so that it reduces the cost of getting a bad loan and it takes the stress out of it because our team are there to help you every step of the way.

Get moving with a bond loan from BondHub.

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