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Rental Bond Assistance

Enjoy your new home hassle-free with our help. We provide rental bond assistance – financial help covering up to 100% of your rental bond, that you can return to your lender in small monthly, fortnightly or weekly instalments. We’ll help you secure your next ideal rental property, knowing with certainty that you’ll have all the extra expenses associated with moving house covered.

Loans To Help Sell Your Home

As property specialists, we know that a home that looks and feels its best is guaranteed to sell for more. BondHub can help you get the financing you need to get your home in perfect condition, so you will easily negotiate the highest price possible.

Commercial Bond Assistance

Finding the dream premise for your business is an exciting feat that comes with a lot of expenses. Through BondHub’s network of business and commercial lenders, you might be one step closer to getting the funding you need to rent, move in, and get your business’ next location up and running.

BondHub – New Zealand’s friendliest loan broker

Transparent, inviolable, hassle-free process.

You deserve the best.

At BondHub, our customers are our pride, and we strive to provide the lowest interest rates for them. It’s a win-win situation – you borrow money at a highly competitive interest rate, and pay as little as possible for your loan. This is the reason BondHub’s service has had an outstanding satisfaction rate.

BondHub receives a booking fee from the lender for organising your loan.

We’re not lenders – we’re property specialists.

Everyone on our team is an expert on property management – we’ve worked with tenants, lenders, and agents for over 10 years, building a network that allows us to find the most competitive loan rates for you easily.

Finding the right loan package for you is our goal, and our consultants are all on a mission to make sure you have the best possible experience working with BondHub.

Why choose BondHub?

A Network of Trusted Lenders

We can understand your situation and send you to the best lender to match your needs. We’ll do the work for you and keep your credit rating high by making sure there’s only one lending enquiry attached to your name.

Flexible Terms

We’ll focus our efforts on finding a loan plan that fits your needs and situation. Choose the amount and repayments, and we’ll do our best to arrange a loan you can comfortably afford.

Easy Application

Applying online has never been easier. Fill out a quick and easy form, tell us all about your needs, and send it to us. Once we receive your application, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs. You can save your application and re-use it whenever you feel ready.

Fast Payments

As soon as a lender approves you, your money can be just a few hours away from your pocket. Simple as that.

Understanding Customer Service

We know – no one likes applying for a loan. We’ll make the process as quick and painless as possible for you, and our background of property management will guarantee you’re always understood and getting precisely what you signed up for.

Quote. Approval. Settlement. Done.
Get moving quicker with BondHub.

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